Editor: Frames on the canvas nudged into position using the keyboard arrow keys. Zoom and crop enabled on background of a page. Splitter tool added to create rows & columns from a single image frame.

File management: Photos, backgrounds and elements display file names. Photos may be sorted by file name or upload date, ascending or descending order. Search for photos and elements by filename.

Portrait features: Portrait wizard includes ability to sort for a particular group and related sub-groups. Title and Salutation available in batch edit mode. List of groups in portrait page wizard made larger so as to display the entire group category and name. Portrait labels include name formatting options. Portrait page flow and render speed optimised. Portrait page user interface reorganised to be more intuitive. Condense one or more portrait groups to a single page within a section. Side label position may be on edge or gutter (all section or per page). Speed improvements when deleting people in the portrait database. Video tutorials for staff pages and label position. Database auto-refreshed after new import or delete.

Proofing: Bulk reject pages in any state of proofing on a per section basis (section menu) or the entire book (book menu).
*White-labelling options for publishers: *Add redirect for support to your own knowledge base, ticketing and chat services. Add custom branding to emails sent to clients.