No time or tools to format an import database for a simple composite? We’ve got you covered! Rename your files to firstname+lastname, import your image folder, and Memento Composite will take care of the database formatting.

One person, multiple portraits: each record can have more than one image attached to it. Create “before-and-after” layouts, or add portrait variations to give you choice for each person in your grid.

Place your photos and shapes into all variety of cut-out masks. A new stock collection of marker, painted and sponge-edged masks will soon be available, and adding your own custom shapes is a simple click away

Use the new Hue slider in combination with the Tint option to make make small color corrections or bold creative filter effects.

The official release announcement for Version 1.5 is coming soon. Let us know your thoughts about Memento Composite – what you do want to see next?