Announcing new tools to enhance productivity and creativity for Memento Composites

Montreal (April 11th, 2019) – MementoPix has released its first update (Version 1.5) to its recently launched Memento Composite software. This tool is enables photography studios to efficiently build creative, custom composite-style grids and rosters for schools, sports team, corporate and service industry clients. Memento Composite offers the most robust feature set in the industry without compromising ease-of-use.

Key Version 1.5 updates include:

  • Import by file name: Rename portrait image files to firstname+lastname, import the portraits by folder into Memento Composite  – the software will take care of the database formatting. This new feature removes reliance on third-party tools to create database format packages.
  • Multi-photo records: Each person in the database now may have multiple photos attached to their information, enabling “before-and-after” layouts or portrait variations within a single grid.
  • Masks: Photos and shapes may be placed into all variety of cut-out masks. A new stock collection of marker, painted and sponge-edged masks is now available. Custom shapes may easily be added to create a personal collection.
  • Hue/Saturation control: Joining the array of image effects is the hue slider, providing the ability to subtly or dramatically shift all colors in an image. Hue complements the Tint & Temperature controls to provide complete color adjustment options for any image.

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