MementoPix is pleased to announce that Memento Yearbook, its online collaborative layout tool, enabled close to 1100 schools to produce top-quality yearbooks in the 2019-2020 season. In Memento Yearbook’s first eleven months of release, over 100 partner companies – including large-volume printers, small publishers, district print shops and school photo studios – have moved rapidly to bring Memento Yearbook to their clients, offering unparalleled layout tools and a virtually support-free experience to their schools.
MementoPix is proud to have provided uninterrupted service during these challenging times, enabling schools across North America to preserve their memories of this extraordinary school year. Memento Yearbook’s intuitive, instant-access, team-managed online tool set allowed teachers, students and parents to continue working on their yearbook regardless of Covid-19 school closures, with support services continuously available to them at all times.
Memento Yearbook’s latest release will include important new features to continue supporting publishers, schools and students during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Digitally-published books, digital signing & custom per-book personalization features will be added for the 2020-2021 season, letting the students themselves be the stars of their own yearbook.
“Our approach to yearbook creation is to eliminate the technical challenges of the experience, making it so fun and easy that anyone can design a top-quality book quickly and effortlessly,” said Michael Mondry, President of MementoPix Inc.
Memento Yearbook offers a complete turnkey solution for online yearbook production. Fully compliant with child online privacy protection rules (COPPA), Memento Yearbook enables single designers or teams of any size to work anywhere at any time. Using a robust collection of online tools in a permission-controlled environment, adults and students may work together to collect photos, create pages, proof and approve pages, then send their book securely to printing. Schools may safely sell their yearbooks online with an optional fundraising add-on without previous e-commerce tools or expertise.
The software is designed to self-teach, backed with an extensive support catalogue including articles, videos and free webinar training. Publishers may work in tandem with school administrators, teachers, volunteers and students to produce error-free yearbooks, using features that make even traditionally difficult tasks effortless, such as portrait page design, proofing & review, and photo collection/approval. Yearbook designers may invest as much or as little time they want, designing custom pages from scratch using their own graphic resources or using Memento Yearbook’s catalogue of thematic layouts and embellishment graphics for quick professional results.