Memento Pro 3.0 – now available as a $299.95 usd one-time purchase

Memento Pro 3.0 – now available as a $299.95 usd one-time purchase

Montreal (April 1st, 2019) – MementoPix announced today a major release for its Memento Pro album design software. Launched two years ago, Memento Pro has quickly positioned itself as the leading product to design fast and creative photo layouts. The software offer a unique photo album building experience, using auto-layout, timeline sorting and other power tools to quickly gets photos into elegant, customizable page designs. By encouraging efficiency and personalization, pro-photographers can maximize their revenue stream by creating beautiful products for their clients with a minimal time investment and allowing them to focus more on what they love — photography.

Key Version 3.0 updates include:

  • Flexible licensing options: Memento Pro now offers the licensing option of a one-time purchase. One-time license holders will enjoy full use of the software’s design features and project rendering to print-ready files, plus one year of support services and updates. An affordable monthly subscription ($9.95 usd/mo) is also available to access these features as well as ongoing support, upgrades and cloud-based features (proofing app, slide show & web album).
  • Masks: Photos and shapes may be placed into all variety of cut-out masks. A new stock collection of marker, painted and sponge-edged masks is now available. Custom shapes may easily be added to create a personal collection.
  • Hue control: Joining the array of image effects is the hue slider, providing the ability to subtly or dramatically shift all colors in an image. Hue complements the Tint & Temperature controls to provide complete color adjustment options for any image.

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